Goal Timeline

Goals & Inspiration

Skill Improvement

Most of my background has been focused on the technical portion of creating a website. I seek to evolve my technical and UX knowledge by keeping up to date on front-end languages and CMS interfaces, so that I can continue to be a resource.

I also want to learn more about the technical side of implementing digital marketing strategies. I'm working toward this by gaining experience using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, and CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot. This way, I can be more of a resource to the digital marketing members of a team as well as the stakeholders.

Short Term

Digital Marketing Strategy SME

I note in the "Passions" section of this timeline that I can offer expertise during several phases rather than all phases because one area I am still relatively new to is web marketing strategy. I want to learn more about what goes into strategizing marketing initiatives and the tactics used to implement them. I have been helping manage digital marketing projects since 2015; my interest in them continues to grow.

I am working toward gaining expertise in: identifying target audiences, developing buyer personas, creating content that is appropriate for each audience segment and buyer persona, creating and meeting KPIs through evaluating data and reports, and implementing methods to meet said KPIs through CRMs and Google's tools.

Long Term

A Counselor Role

In later chapters of my career, I would love to help teens and young adults with academic and career guidance. Deciding how to shape your academic and/or career experience(s) early on can be daunting. Helping these age groups identify their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and what motivates them would be valuable toward setting goals. The objective would be to understand how they learn and what drives them. Then eventually, create goals as well as deliverables such as a resume, portfolio, mock interview practice or even cover letter material.

Later in Life

Being a Resource Throughout

I enjoy all aspects of the website production process, from concept to completion. Seeing things through is what drives my passion for project management.

Having been the designer, developer, writer, photographer, QA tester, and SEO analyst team member, I appreciate the unique opportunity being a project manager offers. It allows me to help the team execute projects beyond managing timelines and budget. I can provide expertise during several phases of the project to the stakeholders as well.


Shelly & Tina

Shelly is a professor at James Madison University. I took several of her web experience classes. Beyond her expertise in front-end web development and design, she's inspired me to always make time to assist others whenever possible and help people feel comfortable. If someone asks her for help, she does everything she can to follow through on it. She encourages questions and if she doesn't know something, then she says so and makes a point to follow up after figuring it out. I think these are critical skills to have, especially as a project manager.

Tina is a colleague and mentor I've been lucky enough to get to know. She has helped guide me through the first milestones of my career. Her experience, knowledge, and dedication to doing well in her own career inspire me to always strive to work smart and when in doubt, work hard.

Role Models